Saturday, January 07, 2006


After looking over the fiction lists for this year's Giller and GG late last night in the name of a the book review I just finished, I hereby resolve to purchase and read each of the shortlisted books, including:

Alligator by Lisa Moore
Luck by Joan Barfoot
Sweetness in the Belly by Camilla Gibb
The Time in Between by David Bergen
A Wall of Light by Edeet Ravel


A Perfect Night to Go to China by David Gilmour
Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden
Nellcott is My Darling by Golda Fried
Ladykiller by Charlotte Gill
Alphabet by Kathy Page

This will be both the first and the last of my resolutions for 2006. It will also likely be a source of both great pleasure and an obvious increase in the puzzled furrows in my brow.

(In addition to shiny silver teaspoons and orange boiled-wool mittens, I also got David Bergen's Giller-winning book for Xmas, so it'll be the first and most easily accomplished check mark on my list...)


Jill said...

Tell me how it is reading the Bergen - I find it hard to put the person aside and read the fiction. Just the idea of him makes me giggle... I'm such a jerk!

ps - grand aspirations! good for you.

Tracy Hamon said...

I'm jealous. I hope you do some reviews--esp. Bergen.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time on Bergen. It just don't pay to put your precious stock in those dang filthy Mennos!

Ed (Janzen)