Tuesday, February 14, 2006

getting my kicks

Usually, I hate talented people. They're just so...creative...and original. Bah!

But lately, in my brushes with talented people, I've come away shooting sparks instead of rootin'-tootin' shooting.

And so, in the interest of inspiration, I thought I'd recognize a Winnipeg blogger whose site was pointed out to me by a former co-worker. Because that's how Winnipeg works. You know people in six or seven different ways, via different connections and affiliations, before you actually meet.

So check out Peg City Kicks, the blog of a crafty girl. From Winnipeg. That isn't me.


p.s. There I was, mooning about McNally Robinson's last night, burbling about how this was officially THE WEEK WITHOUT DEADLINES. But even as I settled into my evening and the curled fingers of my love's outstretched hand, I was lying. To myself.

Because I've got a Feller Buncher poem due today. It's the best kind of deadline, I know, but still...

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