Monday, May 28, 2007


You were my time piece,
one hand on my shoulder, the other
rooting around
in my shirt. Even half asleep
your third eye was always on the clock.
A year in, you're still a stickler:
just enough time to shower, just enough
to eat so I can feed
you again: Tick
tock, mummy. Tick tock.

* * *

Well, we're almost at the end of May. Which means we're almost at the end of May Day, the beautiful blog based poetry project that's in its third year now.

I said I would attempt a poem a day...and utterly utterly failed.

Too many book reviews & articles due and far too many readings of Dr. Seuss' ABCs (I particularly love the letter X: X is extra useful if your name is Nixie Knox. It also comes in handy spelling ax and extra fox.), to possibly get it done.

And while this may sound like far too many excuses to some readers, I'm (reasonably) proud of the dozen or so poems I did manage to write.

And that's the whole point, isn't it?


Anita Daher said...

Big A Little A What begins with A? Aunt Aunie's alligator, A, A, A.

I had that book memorized for many years. Have you seen the video? Riveting ;-)

Have you read read your way through to Fox in Sox yet? That is my favourite Seuss.

p.s. Congratulations on May Day. A wonderful project. I'm sure you missed it, but sometimes life insists on being lived, hmm? Someday Little A will be a teen, and may not have the time of day for parents. Sniff...

p.p.s. Today's word verification is "kidnl." Cool.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Which Seuss has the tweedle beetles? I used to love reading that to my little brother.

Ariel Gordon said...

No Fox in Snox, no Tweedle far, it's only been the ABCs.

(I quite like the Star-bellied Sneetches myself...)

Tracy Hamon said...

Proud indeed! MayDay was, I think again, a success. Personally, I love the way the poems begin to bounce off each other's images (I know I found myself doing this) which seems to add to the thrill of writing new work on such notice. I think you have much to be proud of for producing such a great venue for poetry. Thanks Ariel for another great year. I appreciate/enjoyed your work and MayDay.

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, Tracy...I've enjoyed how the site has grown over the handful of years that it's been in existence.

(I especially like it when poets contact me, asking to participate - much less work for me!)