Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have never been pelted with rocks by a village full of shrieking...well, villagers...nor have I ever smoked my way there, but this week, I have been officially stoned by poet/prof/blogger Rob Budde in his UNBC e-zine.

has been around since 2002, publishing poetry that falls under the following guidelines:
::stonestone:: is a semiannual online literary journal focusing on the poetic apprehension of the physical world

"poetic" also including poetic prose, experimental essay, experimental prose, visual art representing text/medium

perception, seeing, sensation, object/subject, medium, mediation, image, corporeality, body, tissue, the tactile, materiality, the concrete, things, objects, portrait, still-life, mimesis, translation, representation, non-representational language, distortion, memory, blurring, anthropomorphism, naming, otherness

:: after ::

Canadian imagism and after
Gertrude Stein's cubist sense of 'not the thing, but thought on the thing'
Robert Kroetsch's "Sketches of a Lemon"
Charles Olson's "proprioception"
bp Nichol's Selected Organs
Fred Wah's "heterocellular recovery" and the kitchen door in Diamond Grill
Roy Kiyooka's stone glove
Judith Butler, Bodies That Matter
Li-Young Lee's "The Room and Everything in It"
Erin Mouré's Search Procedures
Roland Barthes' Writing Degree Zero : "Writing on the contrary is always rooted in something beyond language, it develops like a seed, not like a line, it manifests an essence and holds the threat of a secret, it is an anticommunication, it is intimidating. All writing will therefore contain the ambiguity of an object which is both language and coercion: there exists fundamentally in writing a 'circumstance' foreign to language . . ."
Nicole Brossard's "Intercepting What's Real"
Donna Haraway's "Situated Knowledge"
René Magritte/Michel Foucault's "This Is Not a Pipe"

I have nine poems on :stonestone:, all of which come from my growing store of pregnancy/mothering poems. Frequent readers of this site will recall that a selection of these poems will be published as a limited-edition hand-bound chapbook by Palimpsest Press within the next year.



Anita Daher said...

Fantastic, Ariel! :stonestone looks very cool. Looking forward to your launch :-)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Congratulations, Ariel! Very cool, indeed.

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks you two...though this doesn't compare to buying a horse / gallivanting on the mountainside in Fernie.

(And that seems unnecessarily cryptic, well, this is a blog.)