Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Did I mention that we saw a yearling moose in Assiniboine Forest, whose dark stride was utterly unlike that of a deer, even lost, even confused? That we discovered a stand of tiny perfect lichens on a log that same afternoon?

Did I mention that my contract with Creative Retirement was renewed through the spring? That my interview with Sheri Binning for Prairie BOOKS now is up?

Did I mention that I've been reading Dennis Lee to Aa? That I now know several Winnie-the-Pooh songs by heart and am quickly learning one-two Jungle Book songs?

Finally, did I tell you the story about the day there was an immense plume of smoke rising from one corner of the forest? M and I tried to find it, so we could give the fire department precise directions, which meant crossing the forest in non-linear ways.

Mmm, strike that, we tried to cross the forest in EXTREMELY linear ways, trying to get to the fire directly from where we were.

The forest is full of downed logs and long grasses, when it isn't scrabbly tight-planted trees or drowned moss bog. So between the precarious footing and the dense grasses, it was almost as tough going as plowing through knee-high drifts.

But we got an atmospheric stroll through my favourite stretch of the forest in smoke. And I got to see more of the Ass's behind...(heh.)

We never did find the fire.

(Where's the fire?!?)


tracy said...

Happy New Year A! Great interview with Benning! Well Done.

(BTW--the link for the pdf file doesn't work on the first page of PBN, but does from the current issue page).

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks T! Happy goddamn new year to you too!

(I'll let PBN know about the coding gaffe...)