Monday, January 14, 2008

Nine poets! One Kelly!

Aqua Books and the members of the Manitoba Poetry Endowment Fund would like to invite you to a reading to celebrate Aqua Books coming on as title sponsor of The Lansdowne Prize for Poetry.

The evening will feature poets (and Manitoba Poetry Endowment Fund members): Sharon Caseburg, Lori Cayer, Karen Clavelle, Clarise Foster, Ariel Gordon, Bev Greenberg, Chandra Mayor, Maurice Mierau, and Deborah Schnitzer.

This event will also be the inaugural reading in the Aqua Books Lansdowne Poetry Series, which in the future will feature the finalists for the (TA-DAH!) Aqua Books Lansdowne Prize for Poetry/Le Prix Po├ęsie de Lansdowne.

January 24th, 7:30 pm
Aqua Books
89 Princess St. (Between McDermot & Bannatyne)

Please join us!


Brenda Schmidt said...

Hats off to Aqua Books!

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks B...Kelly seems to have put his money where his mouth is.

Which is a considerable feat, considering his mouth.

(Heh. I can say this because I work for Kelly and it's part of my job description to be disrespectful...)

Anonymous said...

regarding the poetry reading(S) AT AGUA (AQUA) BOOKS hoping the persomn(s) in charge of the event(s) will remember that some
of us who are somewhat economically "challenged"- being
pressed for time mostly at public access sites regarding email annd the rest, due to the fact that it is too expensive to get on the internet at home..blah blah blah-
(you get the gist)

look for
indicating the price to attend for all such eventsmtself an amatuer (literally)writer,
Artiste-"Extrodinaire", scientist, poet...what used to be termed, a am i gathering....

would love to attend poetry reading(s)

wilt thee indicate and/or make plainer costs and such seeming trivialities for us lesser endowed fellow citizens?

perhaps we forget that poetry and the like were at one time a tradition that included poorer people and/or people from all walks...

see you soon i loo9king froward to hearing some contemporary poets and perhaps see the kind of vision you all have...

please make more obvious any costs or no for these events in future...

with respect and patience

your fellow aspirant..
jamie-cecil ------
["so-and-so",or smithe,jones,etc]

Ariel Gordon said...

Hey Jamie,

There is no cost to attend the reading, so please join us!

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