Friday, January 11, 2008


Does anyone want to sleep for me? Because I'm finding it took up a lot of my time this week...two, count'em two, nights I feel asleep before 10 pm.

And both times I fell asleep in places not-my-bed. Once it was the floor in the hallway, listening to M try to talk Aa down from her pre-bed mosh-pit-routine in the crib.

"Aa, can you sit down for Da-da?"
Silence, then crashing-type noises.
"No, sit."
"Aa, can you lie down?"
"What a good girl you are!"
"Dan-cing! Dan-cing!"
Jumping-type noises.
"No, Aa, sit down!"

The other was on the bed in Aa's room while M read Aa a story.

And I'm still tired and feeling very sorry for myself. But I won't go on (and on) as is my wont when I am feeling woe-is-me-ish.

Instead I will list off my upcoming deadlines, even just as a way of naming and numbering them for my own purposes:

Review for the Winnipeg Free Press of Anne Simpson's new novel.

Article for the spring issue of Prairie BOOKS now. Undetermined subject, most likely poetry.

Curriculum for the upcoming Creative Retirement poetry workshop.

Sample column for as-yet-confirmed weekly column.

Marketing materials
for upcoming Aqua Books event (FYM: Spousal Support).

Finally, I have to do another draft of Hump before sending it off to a press. And I also have to re-commence my reading of Edisonia for the libretto I'm writing.

All of which makes me want to go to sleep. Yaaaawn.

(And I'm unhappy to report that my submission to the CBC Literary Awards was not shortlisted for the poetry prize, despite my fervent hopeful hopes...)

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