Friday, February 22, 2008

"Guest Sorbet"

SORBETS ARE RAW, UNFINISHED SNAPSHOT POEMS, or short prose pieces, written by Thomas Trofimuk, and meant to act as a service. They arrive in over 400 e-mailboxes across the planet every Friday. They are intended as a breath of metaphor, a small poetic break, in between the work-week, and the weekend. The list is secure. The list is never shared. The team at Sorbet Central (numbering around a dozen now) are profoundly dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service and to drinking Stella Artois until standing is problematic.

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I'm throwing it open again!! Every fifth week for the foreseeable future, I'd like to present a guest poet in this spot....I'm looking for raw, unpolished, and gutsy poems from anyone on the sorbet list. Get read by 400 readers across the planet, and perhaps by God too. I've been sending these sorbets to for three years now...She's never written back but I'm sure she reads the sorbets....well, almost certain...well, I have no clue. SEND your poems to me with the words "Guest Sorbet" in the subject line.

Substitution: a year in
by Ariel Gordon

The green infestation of inchworm
arching after newleafnewleafnewleafnewleaf
for the white slivers of nail
you won’t let me clip
as you reach for me again&

The sticky ant-walked nubs of peony
buds showing lurid lippy shiners
under prim sepals
for the latest red bonk unfurling
under the skin of your headfirst

The upthrust females from the mossy cowl
on slim aspens here here there along the treeline
for the wiry spray of hair
on the intersection of head & bed
those humid nights
you spent between us.

Ariel Gordon
Ariel is a Winnipeg-based writer and editor. This poem is from a series of "baby" poems written over the past couple of years, some of which will be published by Palimpsest Press as a hand-made limited-edition chapbook in 2008. Recent publications include poems in UNBC's e-mag ::stonestone::, Prairie Fire's Home Place issue, and Prism International. On-line appearances include Leaf Press' Monday's Poem and The Guardian Unlimited's Poetry Workshop (January 2007 and April 2006). Poems also circulated on buses in both Alberta and Manitoba in spring 2006. She blogs on her website, The Jane Day Reader.

A small section of something new
Trofimuk has posted a small snippet of new writing at He refuses to say what it's part of, or where it belongs. (He's like that). Let him know what you think. Ask him about a new book. It's been a goddamned year and a half since Doubting Yourself to the Bone came out. Enough already!!! How long does it take to write a book anyway?


tracy said...

Lovely. Well done!

I should sign up for the email.

Polly said...

I'm late, but COOL - both the poem and the opportunity.

Anita Daher said...

I'm late too, busy, busy (and exhausted!), but it was a very cool surprise to see your sorbet :-) I love this!

p.s. My word verification is "itruue," which I think is somewhat cool.

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, all...sorry I haven't been zippy about responding to your oh-so-charming comments. I've been wretchedly ill...