Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I got my mail held while on vacation, and was looking forward to the big stack of letters and magazines as much as I was my bed...

Especially as I knew that news of my application to the Winnipeg Arts Council for funds to create a libretto for a chamber opera by David Raphael Scott would be in it.

Of course, because I sent M to get the mail held instead of doing it myself, the mail only re-started today instead of being there when we woke up yesterday.

(Did I mention that our flight from Las Vegas arrived at 5:30 am? And that Aa only fell asleep a half hour out of Winnipeg, after two and a half hours of speechifying in a declarative voice?)

In any event, the mail was my only consolation after a day that included a feverish baby, a chilly office, and a novel that ended too soon (I finished Pearl Luke's Burning Ground at lunch; I enjoyed it but wished it was bit more...well, fleshy. As in a third longer. But at least I got to read something that I didn't have to analyze, which in itself was nifty...).

The heap was wrapped in about a dozen thick rubber bands, some of which had snapped in the cold. But there it was, my letter from WAC.

Foolish me, I'd been patiently waiting - even when I went to pick up my supplementary materials, the score from my last collaboration with David Raphael Scott, at lunch today, I didn't ask WAC staff if the list was out - when I could have gotten the news last week from the WAC website, if I'd thought to check!

Oh well. At least I was among the happy 36 per cent that got their funding wishes fulfilled...

It hardly needs saying, but: Yay!

(Also very exciting, and opened second, was a wonderful WONDERFUL letter from Prince George poet Gillian Wigmore...)


Polly said...

YAY! Congratulamatations!

Spend it wisely and well. And please let us know when the piece is being performed!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Yay! Congratulations, A!

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, B&P.

I'm looking forward to the project getting into high gear, which is an appropriate image, given that the chamber opera's focus is the relationship between Thomas Edison and his daughter Dot.

tracy said...

Congrats! I can hardly wait for the outcome!

BionicPerry said...

Congrats as well. No doubt you would have got it, actually (I'm an opto that way).
Very cool also to read your vacation stuff, and lovely pictures as usual. I expect a nature album with poetry very soon (don't keep me waiting!!)