Thursday, March 06, 2008

Poetry in Motion

Hey all,

As you'll note from the Ariel's Poems On-Line section in the sidebar, Edmonton Transit put Take the Poetry Route, their version of Poetry in Motion (which included one of my poems in 2006) on-line ages ago.

The MWG recently re-designed their website, and in addition to a new template, posted new content...including Poetry in Motion.

You can now see the placards from the three editions of the promotion, two of which include my poems, fall back and Walking Home.

Manitoba poets that participated in the past include Laurent Poliquin, Fran Bennett, Laurie Block, Di Brandt, Ray Serwylo, Mary Horodyski, Alison Calder, Melanie Cameron, Sharon Caseburg, Lori Cayer, Karen McElrea, Carol Rose, Kerry Ryan, Marvin Francis, Linda Holeman, Gloe Cormie, Tanis MacDonald, Sarah Klassen, and Ken Kowal.


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