Friday, April 18, 2008


While writing an item about Home Place 2 (featuring 15 of Winnipeg's non-fiction writers) for Paperchase, I wandered over to Prairie Fire's website.

Lo and behold, they'd posted videos from the April 2007 launch of the first Home Place, at which I read (having contributed my poem Wallow to the issue)!

(I didn't even know they were shooting video, nevermind posting it, but I'm glad, as Aa's existence and need for continual care has kept my resident photographer from attending events...the EPHEMERA! Oh, the EPHEMERA!)

So here it is for your viewing pleasure...

(The only thing you have to know to understand the ha-ha that I indulge in after stepping up to the mic is that editor Andris Taskans has just introduced me as 'Young Ariel,' which was my nickname when I worked there as a student years and YEARS ago...)

Videos of the thirty (yes, 3-0) other performances that night are viewable here.

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Cool! Nice scarf, too. :)