Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flin Flon: Day 1

Hey all,

I've just returned from three lovely loooong days in Flin Flon/Creighton, to attend the world premieres of three pieces of music based on poems by Brenda Schmidt.

Since we met at the Fall Poetry Colloquium at Sage Hill in 2003, Brenda has visited Winnipeg four times. But that was just what she did as a northerner. Her blog is full of descriptions of trips south for readings and events and conferences.

But still, four to zip is sort of...shameful.

So when B announced that her work would be featured at an upcoming concert and that said concert would in the world's biggest (canvas) teepee, I immediately called the bus depot.

(And started building a complex web of childcare.)

(And shifted my work commitments.)

(And fretted, just a little, about leaving Aa for the first time.)

(And rejoiced, just a little, at the prospect of being unencumbered for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT!)

After twelve hours overnight on the bus, Brenda and Harvey eyed me for signs of fatigue before promptly ignoring said signs and whisking me off for 12 hours of hiking.

(I'm not joking.)(Really, I'm not.)

So here are the pics from day one of my trip, where I laid on bridges to watch suckers negotiate currents, climbed into limestone crevasses to photograph ice, and skulked among trees to shoot mushrooms as well as bog-walked in the pursuit of marsh marigold.

I'll post day two and day three pics tomorrow(ish), after divesting myself of a few deadlines. (Goddamn deadlines...mutter mutter.)

Jane Day Reader readers can expect tales of 70 foot-tall teepees, THUG cakes, and many (many) more mushrooms.



Brenda Schmidt said...

I can't believe it was 12 hours! I just counted now and, well, I guess it was... :)

Brenda Schmidt said...

...as in, oops! You did amazingly well though!

I look forward to seeing more pics. These are lovely.

Mike said...

Yes, great photos! I guess this would be the place to tell everyone that Aa threw up upon hearing that her mom was gone for three days... or maybe she just had a tummy ache.