Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mayor's Luncheon

I generally have a very squinty relationship with the phone, as it allows calls from family and telemarketers.

This is only made worse by the fact that I have an even squintier relationship with call display, so my only option when the phone rings is to answer or to let it ring and ring and eventually go to voice mail.

And it's been a bad couple of days, pestering-wise. I had two calls this morning, one a pre-recorded dealie about credit cards, the other attempting to sell me tickets to watch retired policemen play sports.

This is in addition to the two visits yesterday by the twitchy desperate man at the door, who rang the doorbell hard, tried to sell us random stereo equipment once we'd opened up, and clearly didn't remember that he'd already tried us the second time round...

So I'm not sure exactly why I chose to answer the phone this afternoon, except that it rang.

But good tidings, in that it was Cam Bush from WAC, offering me a ticket to Thursday's 2nd Annual Mayor's Luncheon for the Arts as a 'sponsored artist'...

The Mayor's Luncheon is where the Winnipeg Arts Council Awards are, well, awarded.

This is especially nice, given that I was nominated last year in the On the Rise category (and didn't attend) and nominated Aqua Books' Kelly Hughes in the Arts Champion category this year (and wasn't planning to attend).

And when I said that I would have to check with Kelly (who wasn't planning to attend either, Thursday being a busy busy day in the restaurant/bookstore) as I was meant to work on Thursday, Cam went away for a second, then came back and offered Kelly a ticket too!

(He's the 'sponsored buffoon.')

Happily, after several jokes about the 'herb-crusted breast of chicken' on offer, Kelly let me know that he was able to find staff to mind the store while we're at the luncheon.

(I like 'sponsored artist' almost as much as I like 'con artist,' a moniker affixed to ten Winnipeg artists, including yours truly, by the Winnipeg Sun several years ago when the newly formed WAC gave out its first production grants.)

(Herb-crusted) fun!

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