Thursday, July 03, 2008

the damage, day...whatever.

Hey all,

Busy with planning events for the fall and shelving the last 220 boxes, I've neglected to detail the damage that working at a bookstore can inflict.

So here, for your reading pleasure, are some of my reading pleasures, i.e. my recent Aqua acquisitions...

Cruel and Unusual:

Notre Bebe: Le Livre-Album de la Maman by Fernand Nathan (Paris, 1914). Includes charts and graphs along with stern admonitions and representations of mothers/children in history.

Counseling the Unwed Mother by Helen E. Terkelsen (Fortress Press, Philadelphia, 1964). Fewer charts, more stern admonitions.

How to Grade Furs (Canada Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, 1972). Opens with the call/response, "Who wants to be a fur grader? / Perhaps that question should be answered with another - who doesn't?"

Box Sets:
Dylan Thomas: The Caedmon Collection, introduced by Billy Collins (2002, Caedmon Records). Includes all the original album art.

The Works of James Joyce in Ten Volumes (??). Consists of tiny green leather books with gold leafing on the edges of the pages.

Volume VII of the Makers of Canada: Confederation and Expansion (The Oxford Encyclopedia of Canada, Toronto, 1926). Includes two fold out portraits, one of the 'fathers of confederation' and the other of 'the old guard dinner, May 4, 1882,' with every face in focus. Eerie.

Volume XII of the Makers of Canada: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Canadian History (The Oxford Encyclopedia of Canada, Ottawa, 1926). Includes a fold out Illustrated Chart of Canadian History.


Apples, Walnuts and Wine: A Spiritual Map of Winnipeg by Larry Geller (Queenston House, Winnipeg, 1980). Each poem is based on a particular Winnipeg location - for example, 552 Manitoba Avenue. Very Wrought Substance-y!

Centennial Edition, the Nor'- Wester: The Birth of Manitoba (Manitoba Centennial Corporation, Winnipeg, 1970). Includes Louis Riel's 'lost diary, published in full in French and English.'

The Art of Salvage by Leona Theis (Coteau Books, 2007). I've been meaning to read this for ages, but also, how very apropos!
I'm also sort of tickled that photos I shot - specifically of 1) the events room stone angel, a prop that Kelly bought from Antiques and Funk by way of the Buffalo Gals production and 2) of a splayed open book - will be on the tall posters on the outside of the store.

The EAT! Bistro posters feature images of Candace's food, shot by a Winnipeg commercial photographer, so I'm pleased to have my photos alongside.


cynthia said...'ll have to impart your knowledge from "counselling the unwed mother" to me...ha ha ha! either that or let me mock it myself.

love the violet scan by the way.

and congrats on the photos at aqua/eat!!!

Ariel Gordon said...

I'd be happy to let you borrow it, Cynthia...would make up, in part, for my continuing neglect.


I'll post a shot of the exterior when they're up...