Sunday, August 24, 2008


M and Aa are away for the first part of this week, making a semi-emergency trip to visit family. I couldn't get away, given the fact that I took two weeks off work to go to Sage Hill and will do the same again the weeks of the WIWF and of the tour.

My goal while they're away is to relax, to burrow into the Edisonia, to walk (and shoot) the forest, to visit with friends I have neglected this madcap spring and summer.

My first fam-away gesture?

Breakfast, 11ish, at the Black Sheep Diner at the end of my street. And I read and sipped tea in a distant, just-waking-up way and ate my breakfast and savored the roast tomatoes that came with my eggs and sausage. And the zucchini jam. (!) And the buzz of rumpled scenesters. And the burbly music. And the cream and sugar in my tea. And the breeze through the open door.

And then, the half-block walk home, more tea, more burrowing. Contemplating the afternoon.

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