Tuesday, August 26, 2008


All photos Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg, MB. August 26, 2008.

* * *

After three days of going to bed early and getting up late, I drug my sorry self to the forest (i.e. the neglected greenery).

I wore long pants and shoes to protect myself from poison ivy and sprayed myself liberally with cheerfully-scented poison. Which meant that I was warm during the walk, despite the late August breeze, which meant that the mosquitoes only found intimate places to bite me:

The inside of my elbows. The tops of my hands as they gripped the camera. My sweating forehead.

But, but...I was in the forest. And I could still smell the riot of skinhorns along the path, even if my stinkhorn-hound (otherwise known as M.) is out of town.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Lovely pic, A!

Stinkhorn-hound! Now there's a term of endearment...

Ariel Gordon said...

Oh, it is...