Monday, September 22, 2008

Opening Night...bunny.

I'm posting this photo, taken while sitting on the grass to one side of the THIN AIR performance at the Oodena at the Forks, in an interlude between taking pics/video at the event.

I'm posting it because it is sharp and that is unusual when shooting outside at night.

I'm posting this photo because I hate taking pictures of people and haven't had the chance to find/post pics of mushrooms of late.

I'm posting this pic because I have a week of humping gear and my substantial self to various THIN AIR events ahead of me.

And I love it but I know it'll make me tired. Like my child. Like most worthy things.

I'm posting this pic because the rabbit is soft like my relief that Anita Daher survived the stabbing on the bus, that the emails she sent me from the bus, wanting to reassure people, were not our last communication. (There is so much dim sum yet to eat!)

Later. Visit the HOT AIR blog. Shake my hand/smack my ass at THIN AIR events.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Nice bunny!

I saw Anita on the news tonight. Scary stuff.

Anita Daher said...

Scary? I know I hadn't showered in 24 hours, and was probably a little worn, but jeez...

Kidding! Thanks Brenda, and thanks Ariel :-) I'm just so relieved that the victim is going to be okay. The whole incident is still sinking in.

Can't wait to attend writer's fest events! Also can't wait for you book launch, Ariel--hurrah!