Friday, September 05, 2008


Recent goodness, some of which came from Aqua, some of which was purchased via Abe, some of which was given to me. You'll note that the just-released THIN AIR program is on top, asserting its priority...

Though the books do pile up, I'm happy to announce that I've officially divested myself of a couple of gigs. As an professionally busy person, it was VERY hard to get rid of one and say no to the other, but I need room in my life for some thinking and dreaming and good time with my girl.

So here's to the fall and winter, where I have next to nothing going on!

(Okay, next to nothing mid-October onwards, after I've blogged THIN AIR and done the Nightowls & Newborns Western Tour with Kerry Ryan to launch my new chapbook)

1 comment:

cynthia said...

i'm jealous of your upcoming october (post-craziness of course).

thinking and dreaming and good times with your girl - oh my!!!

can you see me turning green? an incredible hulkesque hue....


btw, i don't think i've yet told you how excited i am about nightowls & newborns tour...and have marked you on my calendar. i know i'm lax with attending things (ever my apologies) but here's one i won't miss.