Thursday, October 16, 2008


All photos West Broadway, Winnipeg, MB. October 13, 2008.

* * *

Thanksgiving. The small red crab-apples my daughter made me hold for her as she walked down Broadway.

The eating of pancakes and bacon together, starch and sugar and fat, but still, but still, a brief quiet moment on the weekend we all look forward to.

And then, as I watched M bundle Aa into the car, there are these mushrooms. In the tree near our car, the knotty hole I had to tippytoe to look into.

The elm, girdled with save-the-elms tanglefoot and speckled with green lichen, beside the Canadian Revenue office on Broadway.

After breakfast, after driving all day the day before and my bags still piled at the door as we left for breakfast.

(Sorry, I'm tired and stupid but I'm pleased with these pics and even my day.)

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