Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My position on nthposition

Hey all,

I know I was meant to post on the third day of this tour we've embarked on, but after a long long day that felt like two (but two good days, luckily...), I'm too tired to do much but note that my poem, A year in: clippings, is up on on-line mag nthposition.

Here's the nthposition description of how to submit poetry, mostly because it gives you an idea of the where/when/how with them...
nthposition is open to all kinds of poetry - from post-modern to mainstream. We'll gladly consider submissions by previously published poets. Submissions should include 2-6 poems sent as text in the body of an email, along with a brief biographical note (and the editor's machete will be applied to anything longer than two or three sentences), to Todd Swift.

Apologies, but because of the sheer number of submissions, we can only notify people whose work we accept, and the list of contributors is generally fixed three to six months in advance. HTML is a blunt instrument and may not be suitable for poetry which relies on typography for its effect.

Because each issue features only around 10 poets, we sometimes cannot accept even good poetry - sorry. If you decide to send your entire collected poems, we can absolutely guarantee that we will not read any of them. Not one. Poems selected will remain online for at least six months.
I'll compose my post on Day 3 of the Nightowls & Newborns Western Tour tomorrow as we motor to Regina. May the road be smooth and the signal strong, is all I have to say...

I'm greatly looking forward to Regina, to seeing Tracy and seeing other new/old people and reading salon-style with Kerry and getting my hair trimmed and having another beer at Bushwakkers and and...

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