Thursday, October 16, 2008

underwear overthere

Cara Winsor-Hehir, a textile artist who is charmingly vulgar and also exceedingly talented from St. John's, Newfoundland, has new work out in the world.

Here's the blurb for her joint exhibit, currently at the Craft Council of Newfoundland:

Underthere, Underwear: Cara Winsor-Hehir and Janet Peter

"Textile and paper works by two artists who approach the female figure armed with sober truths, intoxicating humour and feminine insight.

This exhibition brings together the talents of two artists that focus on the inner and outer worlds of women. In her own words, Cara Winsor-Hehir creates 'non-traditional quilts and cushions that are inspired by the beauty of big bums and saggy boobs.'

Janet Peter turns to an interior world and creates paper and fabric maché sculpture based on her sleeping and waking dreams. She explains that she often dreams of women, some of whom she recognizes, but their dress is otherworldly.

Janet's work - illuminated by pages from her art journal - is a study of feminine energy. Cara jokes that she'd "rather make art than diet or exercise" and her textile art is a way of dealing with her dimples and curves. Her ladies in their embroidered and embellished undies are proof that underwear does betray our personalities!"

Given that I have a piece of Cara's from a previous body of work and that she's nifty all-round, this deserves a mention, but I'm specifically mentioning it because THIS show includes an arted-up image of me in my knickers.

I responded to this advert, months ago, on Cara's FB page:

"i got an exhibit coming up in october and i need a body to make work from.
i use myself often, but i don't want a pregnant belly, so i won't work this time.
i need a woman, preferable voluptious (think queen latifa-ish) to pose in her underwear.
i take photos and work from them, i manipulate the photos so no one is recognizable and i delete them when i am done. of course you may keep copies of them for your own pleasure! nothing gets flashed around town or the internet.
i am also flat broke, but am quite willing to cook you a little lunch and give you a finished piece come november, instead of cash right now.
so if you like taking your clothes off and got a bit o time to spare, get in touch.

See what I mean about Cara?

And so I did. Send semi-clothed pics to Cara, I mean. M took them while Aa wandered around in the background.

It goes without saying that I'm really happy to be naked (or semi-naked) on Cara's behalf.

Fun! (fun fun fun!)


Anonymous said...

I want a picture for my office or better yet send me the photos and I will paint something myself. The Bear

Ariel Gordon said...

Barry! For shame!