Monday, November 17, 2008

this week

Art from the Heart, the annual art show/sale that takes place at the community centre down the street, is nearly upon us.

In a span of years where talking up Hallowe'en costumes and sitting on Santa's knee has become the new tradition, I appreciate older traditions, like attending this sale.

Hopefully, in a couple of years, having art in the show will be an old tradition too, hardly worthy of mention.

For now, I'm still excited about the prospect of seeing people see my work.

I've also been thinking it might be fun to make up greeting cards with some of my mushroom pics. I still have to investigate who prints such in Winnipeg and environs, but it might be the easiest (and most practical) way to share the images.

And I'm all for functional art...says the girl who writes poetry but who also drinks her tea from pottery mugs.

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