Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Printing off copies for tomorrow's reading of Fledge & Saturday's reading of 10 minutes' worth of 'festive poems.'

Weaving oven-mitt-sized bits on the 25 cent kiddie loom I got at the Sage Hill rummage sale with my mother-in-law's should-have-been-an-afghan wool. (Maybe a late-fall-scarf, once stitched together?)

Putting together one final report, contemplating another I have due & third I SHOULD be putting together.

Dismantling the downstairs change table & walking around bemusedly in all the negative space.

Ignoring Xmas altogether, except for the getting and decorating of a tree. (Hoisting the tree to my shoulders while M escorted Aa back from the tree-killing-fields...)

Missing the forest some.



cynthia said...

i was at the forest on saturday and it was lovely!!!

like the new background colour too.

does the dismanteling of the change table mean what i think it might mean???

Ariel said...

Argh! You're taunting me!

Thanks, though I mostly just hit the 'shuffle colours' page in a moment of boredom.

Nope, Aa's not toilet-trained. But there are far fewer diaper changes generally, so...