Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm writing a review of a novel about an ongoing drought in the deep south while living in the soon-to-be-flooded north and I can't decide if I should get in the car and drive over to the BDI bridge, which overlooks the already-swamped neighbourhood of my childhood.

It's a writing day, see, and while I feel I should write a flooding poem, I'm not quite there. It's just as easy to stay in my high-and-dry downtown home and write my review and attempt to memorize the punch-in-the-gut parenting poem by Louise Gluck for my creative writing class.

We'll see. In the meantime, here are a couple of updates on my continuing forays into chapbookery:

Buffalo Runs, a small press out of Montreal, will publish an anthology in April that features my poem Substitutions.
Rutting Season is an engaging and accessible book that features the poetry of three fresh voices in Canadian poetry and places these poets into a critical conversation with each other. Ariel Gordon, Michael Lithgow, and Linda Besner put their heads together in this unique collection
Nothing wrong with a book with antlers on it. (ALL my books should have antlers on them!) Also, it was lovely to chat up Linda and Michael about various and sundry matters poetical.

In other news, Rubicon Press has just released the first books of the spring 2009 season. Mine is still in the works for this spring, but I thought I'd share the latest news...
Newly released chapbooks from the press include:

Dipika Mukherjee's The Palimpsest of Exile - a beautiful, highly evocative collection examining what it means to belong to many places and the ways in which we find home.
Raw umber cover, floral print Japanese paper flyleaf.

David Zieroth's Berlin Album - a highly-charged travelogue about a man searching for history.
Light tea cover, Japanese silk paper flyleaf.

Broadsides by Yi-Mei Tsiang (On Surrendering) and Mark Jackley (What the Home Inspector Won't Find).

Fabulous upcoming spring collections from Danielle Schaub (Israel) and Ariel Gordon (Winnipeg), plus two new Rubicon Press broadsides by Joanne Ellison and Allan Brown.

Fall 2009 releases include books by John B. Lee (the winner of our 2008 Midwinter Chapbook Competition), Wendy Donawa, Glen Sorestad...and many more.


Tracy Hamon said...


Congrats! Can't wait to read them!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Excellent! Looking forward to them!

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, youse two...