Thursday, March 05, 2009

Know Your Mushrooms

Hey all,

There's a splendid documentary called Know Your Mushrooms appearing at Winnipeg's Cinematheque March 13 & 14.

Alternative pop culture director (Grass, Comic Book Confidential) Ron Mann has created the definitive film about mushrooms, as engaging as Les Blank’s opus to garlic, Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers.

Centred on a four-day event held in the mountains of Colorado, the Telluride Mushroom Festival, the film is led by hosts Gary Lincoff, a mycologist (the technical name for a mushroom expert) and Larry Evans (known as the “Indiana Jones” of mushroom experts) as they embark on a treasure hunt for the magical world of mushrooms.

We discover everything there is to know about mushrooms, from their food value - served up deliciously pan fried – to their importance as an aphrodisiac, cancer inhibitor and possessor of psychedelic properties.

Featuring a wonderful soundtrack by The Sadies and The Flaming Lips, Mann also uncovers hilarious archival footage and scenes from the 1933 Alice in Wonderland.

I'll be projecting a a slideshow of my mushroom photographs in the theatre prior to the screenings, but I would have been there anyways.

My thanks to Dave Barber, Cinematheque Programming Coordinator, for this opportunity and for bringing in the film.

To sum: Mushrooms! Yay! My photos on the big screen! Yay!


Brenda Schmidt said...

Yay! That's wonderful!!!

Ariel said...

Now I only have to get a hundred or so photos together in one place...

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Are your photos actually in the film? Will you be there both nights?

Ariel Gordon said...

Hey Polly,

I only wish my photos were in the film...they'll be screening before the doc in the theatre.