Wednesday, April 15, 2009


All photos Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg, MB. April 13, 2009.

* * *

These are pixie cups. They're teeny-tiny, slow-growing, and almost out of the range of the super-macro function of my digital camera. And I was wearing M's hip-waders and crouching by the side of the log where these lichen were growing, after a two-hour hike.

I focused and re-focused the camera, hoping that I'd get one shot where something was sharp.

And this was the one.

Thanks to M for letting me wear his work hip-waders in the flooded forest, for following behind me in the BIG boots and, when he caught up with me the odd time, catching my hand.

It was a marvelous walk. My second in a week when I was floundering, inundated with deadlines if not literal water. And it was fun to crouch on the ground without getting soggy or to wade through the deepest ditches without worrying about a full boot.

(Speaking of water, did I mention that my roof leaked this week?)


tracy said...

Lovely! They look like golf tees sticking out of the turf.

My basement is leaking. I'm not sure which I prefer, roof or basement, either way, the word verification says is all: horpl.

Ariel Gordon said...

With our roof, luckily, it was as simple as getting the shingles that blew down replaced...and before the fix-it, we put a few buckets in the attic where the leak was. So problem solved.

Now with a basement, you've got drywall and carpet to worry about...and isn't your office down there, sweet T?

Cynthia said...

Beautiful set of pictures...and glad your roof is fixed...and that you got to walk in the forest - twice!