Tuesday, June 23, 2009

blogging 'blogging and the creative process'

Hey all, here's a thumbnail of the interview Shawna Lemay conducted with me on blogging and the creative process over at her Capacious Hold-All.

(There are also better, more thoughtful interviews with Brenda Schmidt and Marita Dachsel...)

(Maybe I should also create a 'self-deprecating' tag, eh?)

In other news, I've been at the Stegner House nearly twenty-four hours. Enough time for four cups of tea, a bath, a shower, and half of the UK edition of Michael Ondaatje's Billy the Kid. And, this morning, grocery shopping...

I'm scheming to see if I can find someone local with a herb garden as there are no fresh herbs available at the grocery stores in Eastend and my kitchen garden is 954 kms away...

But at least one of my retreat rituals is complete: finding a big mug with a satisfying handle made by a local potter.

Unlike the other small SK town of my acquaintance, Lumsden, there are several potters / galleries in town. But the Whitemud Clay Studio was especially recommended to me by the Cypress Gallery owner, and, better yet, it was half a block away.

My Eastend mug is blue on the outside and blue/brown on the inside. The brown glaze inside is nearly to the level that I'd pour my tea, which is strangely satisfying. Tea or the illusion of tea, it doesn't matter...

While I briefly considered some of the brown mugs produced by Whitemud (according to their literature, they "win" or dig the clay from the surrounding hills), the blue felt best in my hand.

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Fine interview, A!

Nice to hear you're settled in!