Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Songwriting course for poets at Aqua

Hey all,

There are only a few spots left in this workshop by singer/songwriter Jaylene Johnson (who, incidentally, went to junior high with me...), so if you're at all interested in setting your words to music, call bookstore owner Kelly Hughes at 943-7555.

* * *

Aqua Books presents: From Words to Music
A songwriting workshop by Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence Jaylene Johnson

When: Saturday, June 6/09, 10:00am-3:30pm
Cost: $60

Notes: Registration is limited to 20 people. Bring a notebook and pen (or laptop); the ability to play music is not required, but musicians may bring their instruments; recording devices are encouraged though not necessary.

* * *

Are you a musician who wants to compose original material but you aren’t sure where to start? Do you have a poem or idea tucked away that you think could make a great song?

Join Jaylene Johnson, Aqua's Songwriter in Residence for the month of June, as she shares from her own experiences as a songwriter and acts as your guide through the process of co-writing songs.

Jaylene Johnson
has a deep passion for songwriting and the power of music and lyrics. Since releasing her first record (Not Forgotten) in 2000, she has worked and travelled all over North America. She has received nominations and awards and her music has used for notable television shows like Dawson’s Creek (CBS/Sony) and Being Ericka (CBC Television). Jaylene's latest project, Happiness, will be released this year, and is her first record to feature a majority of co-written songs. Sharing knowledge and skills is important to Jaylene, and with over ten years in the performing, creative and administrative sides of the music industry, she has much to share. She currently resides in Winnipeg, teaching high school English and preparing to launch her new record.

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