Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Arc's Poem of the Year shortlist thingy

Hey all,

A poem of mine has been shortlisted for Arc Magazine's Poem of the Year contest this year.

Which means in addition to being eligible for the usually win-place-draw, my poem will also be included in their Readers' Choice sub-contest.

As such, the ARC editorial consortium has compiled 41 poems (on 64 pages) into a PDF document for distribution to friends-of-poetry.

They'll also I'm told, be posting same to their website over the next day or so.

So, if you feel so inclined and have 64-pages-worth of time on your hands, lemme know...I've printed it off and will get to it sometime before the September 30 deadline.

Thanks! You're grand!


Anonymous said...

I cannot express how awesome that is, A. Of course you should send the list (to my university address, please: umbranna@cc.umanitoba.ca).

Ariel Gordon said...

Will do! And thanks.