Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Entertain a Baby While Traveling in Hot Climates

Hey all,

Here's a clip the everloving M shot at Thursday's reading with Clarise Foster & John Barton...specifically, the second of three poems I read.

Though I pulled it back a draft or two from being a pure example of the form, this is my first sonnet, written on deadline for Catherine Hunter's poetry course last year.

I introduced it as my first and probably my last sonnet, given that the writing of it tied me in knots and made me crazy.

The reading was fun, though I have to say I enjoyed rehearsing the poems beforehand than performing them, this time round...for whatever reason, I felt flustered all afternoon and so never felt really settled beforehand.

Which is to say that I flubbed a few lines and didn't necessarily sell every line. Which, on a good night, I can (mostly kind of) do.

The best part of the evening, honestly, was hearing Aa's ringing shout behind the door "My Mummy is here! My Mummy is here!" when I arrived at M's mum's place.

All of that said, I'd like to convey my thanks to Prairie Fire for organizing the events, both at McNally's Thursday and at Aqua on Friday.

Thanks, too, for asking me to read! Which is a separate undertaking, as far as I'm concerned...

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