Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reprint: The Next Chapter

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of swallowing the last gulp of my first cup of tea - and my nerves - before walking the block and a half to the CBC building.

I was scheduled for an interview with Shelagh Rogers of CBC's The Next Chapter, a weekly show about things bookish.

"Monday, November 9th, 2009

Lorna Crozier grew up poor in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and later became one of Canada's best-known poets. Lorna writes about her upbringing and particularly her tough-and-tender mom in a memoir called Small Beneath the Sky. Jane Christmas recalls her extraordinary trip to Italy with her mother, a journey that was supposed to lead to a renaissance in their difficult relationship. Jane's travel memoir is called Incontinent on the Continent. Andreas Schroeder describes his strict Mennonite father, and Ariel Gordon starts a project to photograph the hands of Canadian authors."

The producers had gotten wind of the Hands On Project, something I conceived of during HOT AIR (i.e. the official blog of THIN AIR, the Winnipeg International Writers Festival).

Basically, because of my intense dislike of taking pictures of people, I hit upon the idea of taking pictures of writers' hands. No coaxing, no summoning of intimacy, just a writer's hands, plonked down on a table.

Plus, writing being frightfully reliant on hands, I thought it apt.

So, even though I wasn't half as eloquent as I'd hoped, it was fun to chat with Shelagh about the hands project. Even if she didn't mention that I'm a writer. And that I have a book out in the spring.

Fair's fair. I didn't mention that we'd met at the Manitoba Book Awards in the spring, where M mistakenly referred to her as "he," which led to a discussion of underwear (hers) and bathing suits that fit like bras (mine).

Or that my boss, Aqua Books owner Kelly Hughes, had been up to his usual on-stage tomfoolery at her expense.

The piece aired this week, and the podcast is available on the website, click.

(If you want to hear my bit specifically, its the last segment & starts at 43:48.)

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