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Reprint: Vox Populism

Posted February 3, 2010
by poet Jacob McArthur Mooney in what he's dubbed Retail 2010, a round up of spring 2010 poetry titles:

The good times keep on rolling as we pay visits to two Ontario poetry publishers that do good things with the modest patches of cultural ground their berths in our little poetry community allows them. This morning, it’s time for Insomniac Press (London) and Palimpsest Press (Essex County).


The other half of this double bill is brought to us by Palimpsest Press, a tiny little press with a big heart. They’re based in Kingsville, Ontario (Essex Co, pop: 20k). Two books on the slate this year for Palimpsest. Do the right thing, readers, and look into picking up one or both. Shake the little guy’s hand and let him know he’s your friend.

Ariel Gordon
Title: Hump
Date: April
Collection Number: Le Debut!

Editor-Approved Bumfspeak:
Hump is a mash-up of pregnancy-and-mothering poems and urban/nature/love poems that functions as an anti-sentiment manifesto from Winnipeg writer Ariel Gordon. Month by month, stanza by stanza, Gordon attempts to represent adequately the wonder and devilment of being with child. Hump is a love poem written to a father and child, to a lover with a glimmer in his eye, and to a city that is gritty and faded but still greener than most.”

Other Notes:
If you’re paying attention, this’ll be the third love-poems-to-a-city collection in the last two previews (after robinson’s Halifax and Bowness’s Ottawa). We seem to be moving West, manifesting some sort of destiny, as it were. Is there a Calgary or Vancouver writer out there with a love song of their own? Here’s her blog. And, of course, if writing about mothering seems like your kind of thing, your online home should always be Marita Dachsel’s blog on the subject.

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