Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The grand tour

I know I've been burbling on about it endlessly of late, but my book will actually be out in the world (as opposed to mostly attached to a few emails) as of April 15.

Tracy Hamon - whose second book will be out with Coteau around the same time, except earlier - has kindly agreed to append me to her mostly-planned western tour.

And since I had such a grand time - and have since met such grand folk - the last time I toured to Alberta, I'm glad glad glad to be going back, especially in T's company.

We make one stop in Saskatchewan, as Dave Margoshes and Dee Hobsbawn-Smith's guest at the Wallace Stegner House. I think we're going to do an afternoon tea, which will be just my speed after a week's worth of driving.

Anyways, I hope to see some of you faceless readers of this shameless blog at an event or two, this spring...


* * *

April 19
- Calgary, AB: Pages on Kensington, with Tracy Hamon

April 20
- Edmonton, AB: Edmonton Poetry Festival @ Audrey's Books, with Tracy Hamon and Su Croll

April 21
- Athabasca, AB: Alice B. Donahue Library, with Tracy Hamon

April 23
- Lethbridge, AB: Henotic Restaurant, with Tracy Hamon

April 24 - Eastend, SK: Wallace Stegner House, with Tracy Hamon

April 27
- Winnipeg, MB: Aqua Books, in support of Sandra Ridley's & Jennifer Londry's book tour.

May 5
- Winnipeg, MB: McNally Robinson (launch)


Tracy Hamon said...

Yay! Woot!

Are we there yet?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Whoa! Sounds fabulous!

Ian LeTourneau said...

see ya in a month!

Ariel Gordon said...

I can hardly wait! (Thanks, you three...)