Wednesday, April 21, 2010

De-tour: the Update

* * *

We're halfway through our tour now, having made our way from Calgary to Edmonton to Athabasca.

Tracy and I have read and signed books and bought launch frocks and spent glad hours, post-readings, talking with other writers...but tonight, in Athabasca, was a De-tour first:

The audience clamored for an encore.

So we read an extra poem each, perched on the sturdy oak desk at the front of the reading space.


(One audience member, while buying our books, also tipped us. Luckily, she didn't insist on putting the money in our pants herself...)


Sherry Coffey said...

Hi Ariel. If you and Tracy come across Martin Oordt in Lethbridge pass on hello's from his old creative writing student Sherry Coffey.

Ariel Gordon said...

Will do! And thanks every so much for your hospitality, Sherry!