Monday, April 19, 2010

Hands on: Lorri Neilsen Glenn

* * *

I petitioned Lorri for a portrait when she first crossed Aqua's threshold. Her first reaction was: "But I chew my nails!" Her second reaction was something along the lines of "Yes! Fun!" So that was how we wound up on step-stools, after her reading from Lost Gospels (Brick Books, 2011) was complete, Lorri with her hands twined among the crystals of Aqua's massive 70s chandelier and me trying to capture her hands and the glass and all that goddamn light.

* * *

Originally from Western Canada, Lorri Neilsen Glenn now lives in Halifax and spends her summers in Saskatchewan. The author of many academic books and two previous books of poetry (all the perfect disguises, 2003, and Combustion, 2007), she served as Poet Laureate for Halifax from 2005-2009.


LNG said...

Thanks, Ariel. It was good to read with Roewan, in the one-of-a-kind upstairs lounge complete with fainting couch and sixties decor. Great turnout too--family, friends, some of Winnipeg's (and Canada's!) finest literary folk. Remember: this is the meantime.

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, Lori. What great fun!