Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saskatoon launch: Interruptions in Glass

So I got to go to Tracy Hamon's Saskatoon & Regina launches of her second book, Interruptions in Glass (Coteau Books, 2010).

I drove up late on the Saturday through a windstorm and while it turns out I left half my Sktoon/Regina ensembles in my closet in Winnipeg, it was such a treat to be able to attend sweet T's launches.

And while Tracy's featured reader stint at Tonight It's Poetry at Lydia's in Saskatoon was lovely, Tracy's Regina launch, her bonafide launch, was my favourite of the weekend.

I mean, she wore petticoats. And her teenage daughters giggled from the second row. And the room was big and well-lit and my chai tea was pricy but perfect.

But my favourite bit was when Tracy stood there and delivered three of her poems from memory. And was so strong and sure in her delivery.

And so I was honoured when she asked me to read a poem to 'warm up' her already very warm audience.

This being me and T, I read Tit poem, which I think will find its way onto my semi-permanent set list.

Afterwards, T and T's husband Tom and I went for a drink at the nearly note-perfect bar/resto La Bodega. And it was an impeccable evening. And I'm so proud of T and thankful that she wanted to share her launches with me and my half-an-outfit(s).


captain coteau said...

Oh, I am soooo disheartened that the sprightly effervescent host of T's Regina launch garnered nary a comment in your erstwhile perspicacious bloggette. Working under conditions that would drive hosts of lesser mettle to cut short their acknowledgement of funding agencies, this doughty gratitude manufacturer forged on, slopping a little of the g-stuff on your own previously unheralded personage. And for what? No love.

Ariel Gordon said...

All hail captain coteau! All hail!