Sunday, April 04, 2010

The search for happiness... the theme of issue 148 of Descant, a lit mag based out of Toronto.

Apparently my Waterage, featuring laundry and a poor man with a knife, fits the bill.

My thanks to the professional - and pleasant - staff at Descant.

* * *

Robert Raymer - The Future Barrister
M.H. Vesseur - Babyface Junkie (Translated by Paul Vincent)
Douglas Glover - Pointless, Incessant Barking in the Night
Emi Benn - What Martha Did


John Keyes - Evacuation Route (A Canadian Goes South)

Ariel Gordon - Waterage
David Day - Cry of the Curlew
Myrna Garanis - Myrtle on the Midnight
Brian Henderson - Something to Remember the World By
Jeffrey Herrick - Divine Wind; Hohle Fels
Leanne Averbach - Dusk, If That
Roo Borson - Nara
Joanna M. Weston - The Canoe

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