Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hands on: Colin Smith

* * *

"You're photographing my left hand, Ariel. I write with my right hand."

"Tell you about my hands?"

"Well, I run warm. And the texture of the skin on my hands is ridiculously soft. But I DON'T spa. And I DON'T put cream on them every night, yada yada."

* * *

Colin Smith is a poetry scalawag. Books = 8X8X7 (Krupskaya, 2008) and Multiple Poses (Tsunami, 1997). More current work pops up in CV2, The Collective Consciousness, and Dandelion. Rarely meets a curse he doesn't like.


Jenny said...

Seriously, how are his hands so soft? I've always wondered. Because they are the softest I've ever touched.

Ariel Gordon said...

Didn't you hear him: he runs hot.

asthma_boy said...

I miss Colin

intellectualharlot said...

Beautiful picture, wonderful quotes!

Obviously you don't need me to give you more projects, but methinks this would be a wonderful series.

intellectualharlot said...

And I just realized there IS a series! Sorry for my ignorance!

I will be browsing the archives.

Ariel Gordon said...

There are also these ones, should you have an insatiable appetite for hands:

(It was a project that leapfrogged blogs...)