Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hands on: Michael Van Rooy

* * *

The timing of this edition of the Hands on Project is very neatly tied to the launch of his third book of crime-fic tonight. Which I intend to be at.

When I corralled Michael, he promptly turned around and grabbed his ass.

And then, re-considering, pulled this knife from his pocket. Which he apparently carries around with him everywhere.

He says he's earned his hands.

* * *

Michael Van Rooy was born in Kamloops, BC. He has worked as a restaurant manager, bartender, fishing guide, card dealer, news editor, freelance researcher, and cheesemaker. He now lives in Winnipeg.


This third instalment in the Monty Haaviko series takes a darker tone from the previous two episodes, An Ordinary Decent Criminal and Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal. This time, Monty is tangled in political intrigue, blackmail, corruption, and a long-standing feud in which he becomes a pawn. At the same time, a serial killer threatens the love of Monty’s life—his wife Claire, and soon, escape seems impossible.

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