Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hump-day: the slideshow

* * *

So three things are wrong with this video and/or me:

1) I overused the word "lovely." How COMPLETELY un-lovely.

2) I called poet/publisher Dawn Kresan "my publicist." But that was mostly because Perry Grosshans, who she sat beside at the event, posted something rambly to HIS blog talking about how he'd sat next to "Palimpest's publicist." Which was wrong and which I mocked him for...and then replicated in this video.


3) I wasn't ambitious enough to re-record the audio track after having realized the error(s) of my ways. Heh.

(If you'd like to see any of these pics more closely, have a gander at my flicker account, though I will note that it only allowed me to upload half of them. Come July 1, I'll upload the rest...)

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