Sunday, August 22, 2010

"My enthusiasm. Also, my hair."

So novelist Pearl Luke, whose books I have read (fire tower romance! charismatic cultist romance!) and who is married to former mentor-of-mine Robert Hilles, has started a book club website for Canadian writers...

...and they're opening the book club floodgates to poetry!

So I signed myself - and my book - right up.

Here's an excerpt from the interview I did for the site:

Why do you write?

Two things consistently bring me pleasure: hot sweet tea and writing. Which is not to say that either are particularly good for me…I use entirely too much sugar and so far don’t find sucralose to be a good alternative. Also, writing is not a practice that engenders confidence. Quite the opposite. It’s about making yourself deliberately insecure so that you can write the next thing and have it be worth reading.

And that’s not even taking into consideration the business end of things, which can make you bitter if you’re not careful…

But I’ve spent my the bulk of my life to date figuring out the right mix of fat and sugar in my tea and also, how to get incrementally better (I hope…) at the writing, so I’m not giving it/them up!

What is your greatest strength as a writer?

I’m not sure I know yet. Or if that’s a good thing for me to know. So far, my greatest strength as a writer is that I write...

What quality do you most value in yourself?

My enthusiasm. Also, my hair.


Pearl said...

I just came across this link to and I want to thank you. I'm so glad you're pleased with the site, and I appreciate you passing that on. You're wonderful!

I also see that at the moment your interview is getting the most views on our site! I hope you get thousands more.

All the best,
Pearl Luke

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks for setting up the site. And thanks, too, for including poetry...I mean, I'd like to join a poetry book club.