Sunday, September 19, 2010

Um...gone fishing?

Fort Whytealive, Winnipeg, MB. September 19, 2010. Photo by M.

* * *

So I literally went fishing today at Fort Whyte, as part of a fishy reading/comic book-making/fishing workshop.

(We lost two worms, six minnows, and two lures in one of their man-made lakes...and while M and I re-discovered the joy of casting a lure, Aa specialized in reeling IN the lure...)

But this post is really and truly to say that I'll be mostly over at HOT AIR this week. And also reading at THIN AIR (ack! ack! over the MOON!).

So if you want more news, visit the website or come hang around the fest.


debbie strange said...

This photo is incredibly evocative. Just returned from a trip to check out the new trail to Sturgeon Falls in the Whiteshell. I thought of you while I was photographing a brilliant orange fungus which resembled a cluster of fallen petals. I've scrolled through most of your imaginative mushroom photography, and didn't spot anything quite like it. Wish you could have seen it. Happy mushrooming!

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks for this, debbie! I'll pass along your kind words to M.