Thursday, September 09, 2010

Yes, I hit him...

So I was on the first THIN AIR edition of KHL last week.

I was reluctant to go on the show - and Kelly was reluctant to have me - because even though I'm a festival author this year I also work at Aqua.

Which means that Kelly couldn't poke as much fun as he maybe would have liked because he knew I'd be staring at him balefully my next shift.

Also, it was strange being interviewed on stage by my boss given that I wasn't even interviewed for the job.

Guests were meant to do a trick as they left the stage. Jordan Wheeler caught coins that he stacked on his elbow. Since I don't have a trick, Kelly offered to let me hit him.

He cowered a bit but I couldn't hit him lightly. I would NEVER live that down. But I did take my ring off before I punched him.

I think that was generous of me.

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