Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Saskatoon, SK: October 3

TIP Triple Header ft. Jonathan Ball, John Toone and Ariel Gordon.

Featuring established poets from across Canada and further diversifying the stage with a cascade of local emerging poets, Tonight it's Poetry (TIP) is Saskatoon`s only weekly poetry series and performance series of its kind in Saskatchewan.

* * *

If Brandon was the land of plenty, Saskatoon was all scarcity. Except that it all worked out and we were shown great - if last minute - hospitality.

We drove straight from Brandon to Saskatoon, thinking we'd get something to eat once we arrived. But then nothing was open, not even the Bulk Cheese Store we joshed about and then seriously considered patronizing.

We had to split up, the boys staying with a friend of Jonathan's and myself with the lovely/talented Bernice Friesen.

Which meant proper Irish tea when we waited and WAITED for the boys to come pick me up the next morning.

The highlight of the reading was when we each read each other's poem. I read JB's Pomegranate poem from Clockfire, which I thought was too perfect, given that I almost wound up with one on my cover.

Did I mention I really like my spiky cover? I do! I do!

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