Friday, November 12, 2010


There was a copy. At Aqua Books. This whole time.

The best part about this anecdote of lit woe is this:

The person who donated it to the store a month or so ago along with a stack of other recent books - she'd adjudicated a prize and did the classy thing (i.e. didn't want to keep the all books, necessarily, but also didn't feel right about selling them) - sent me an email Wednesday (the day AFTER the Giller Lite Bash) alerting me to the book's presence.

I ran to the shelves, softly gnashing my teeth, and found it.

I was going to buy it but then the donor asked if she could possibly have it back, given that she'd mistakenly put it on the 'to donate' pile in the first place.

Apparently, I am not meant to have a copy of this book.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Bummer!

Ariel Gordon said...

Yes, well. At least I wasn't the only one in this wide world longing for a copy...

Mike Deal said...

I would have just said that it was gone and you don't know who bought it... Then kept it hidden for the rest of your life.