Sunday, December 26, 2010

Great reads from a great year

Winnipeg Free Press

Free Press reviewers pick their top titles of 2010

By Karen Solie
"Winner of the 2010 Griffin Poetry Prize, Pat Lowther Memorial Award and Trillium Award, Karen Solie's third collection alights with stories of residence, high school reunions and ecological bewilderment. An essential new year's read that challenges us to reach deep into our personal stores of hope." - Jennifer Still

By John Steffler
"After nearly three decades in Newfoundland, the Ontario-born Steffler has acquired the status of familiar come-from-away. This confers some advantages on a poet with a naturalist's eye for re-examining official histories. " - Ariel Gordon

* * *

I'm SO proud of my poetry co-columnist, Jennifer Still.

She somehow convinced the books editor at the Winnipeg Free Press to include poetry in his year-end round-up!

(For those of you not familiar with the round-up, since time immemorial it has included 10 fiction titles and 10 non-fiction titles...and ONLY 10 fiction titles and 10 non-fiction titles.)

And while we tried to finagle two picks each, I'm still happy with my singleton appearance.

Which is only fair, really, because none of the other reviewers got more than one, no matter how many fiction/non-fiction titles they reviewed over the course of the year.

Yay Jenn!

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