Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sign my Hump.

Sara Harms said "Have a candy bowl. And broadsheets on pretty paper."

Andrea Ledding said "Have a t-shirt made that says 'I'll punch you if you don't buy this book.'"

Andris Taskans said "Do your signing from the back of a camel."

So here we are.

I'm doing a pre-Xmas signing at McNally Robinson. WITH a big bowl of chocolates, some artfully laid out broadsheets, and perhaps a witty t-shirt.

And while I'm short on dromedaries, I'll sign your hump if you've got one.

* * *

Ariel Gordon - Book Signing

When: Thursday Dec 16 2010 4:00-7:00 pm
Where: McNally Robinson Booksellers (Grant Park) by the Cash Desk
Cost: Free

Hump (Palimpsest Press, 2010) is a mash-up of pregnancy-and-mothering poems and urban/nature/love poems that functions as an anti-sentiment manifesto from Winnipeg writer Ariel Gordon. Month by month, stanza by stanza, Gordon attempts to represent adequately the wonder and devilment of being with child. Hump is a love poem written to a father and child, to a lover with a glimmer in his eye, and to a city that is gritty and faded but still greener than most.

Ariel Gordon is a writer whose first book of poetry, Hump, was published in spring 2010. How to Prepare for Flooding, a collaboration with designer Julia Michaud, is forthcoming from JackPine Press in 2011. When not being bookish, Ariel likes tromping through the woods and taking macro photographs of mushrooms.


Debbie Strange said...

Just wanted to thank you and Jennifer for your kind words regarding my poem. Hope to see you again at your book signing.

Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, Debbie! And congratulations again...