Monday, December 06, 2010

Keystone poems

I've a single stanza on a single page in Contemporary Verse 2's second anniversary issue, dubbed CV2: The Keystone of Canadian Poetry Turns 35.

But I am fond of that single stanza (for those who like names named, it's the second part of Infestation Lullaby, published in its entirety in Hump and reprinted here...) and it's in very good company, with more than 70 poets in the issue.

The list includes heaps of Winnipeggers but also Anna Swanson and Bren Simmers and Jenna Butler and Linda Frank and Jeanette Lynes and Shawna Lemay.

i.e. people whose work/person I like.
i.e. what a party!

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Cool! And more than 70 poets in the issue! Wow, that's a lot.