Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reprint: Authors Aloud

I've been eying Trevor Cole's Authors Aloud website for a couple of years.

Cole collects - and broadcasts - audio readings by poets and fiction writers. He also solicits what he calls insights, which are commentaries about the writing or the writing life.

Here's what Cole had to say about my reading:
"Late Delivery

I should have had this reading from Winnipeg poet Ariel Gordon up a while ago, so my apologies to her and to you.

Because it really is a lovely reading — from Gordon’s 2010 collection Hump, which is largely about motherhood and pregnancy.

Gordon also provides a terrific Insight recording that will resonate if you’ve ever been a new parent hoping to have time enough left in your days to do something other than parent 24/7.

All in all a fine addition to AuthorsAloud, and well worth waiting for. I hope you’ll check out Ariel Gordon’s reading and Insight here." - TC

Anyways, besides the goodness of the conceit, the reason that I'm excited about being on Authors Aloud is that there are many other good Canadian poets: 38 to be exact.

As of this morning, I'm number 39. Which is SUCH GREAT FUN.

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