Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Poems & thrills

Jennifer Still / Holly Luhning launch, Wednesday, March 2 @ McNally Robinson Booksellers, Winnipeg, MB.

* * *

So Jenn & Holly were brilliant. And I was just this side of dreadful as facilitator but it was such an honour a) to be asked to facilitate by the kind people at McNally's and b) to get to talk to Jenn about her book in public.

We became friends just as her second book was accepted for publication by Brick and so it's really felt as though I've been a part of the whole process. I mean, the part where I do no work except drink down Jenn's tea. But still!

I'll make sure, the next time, that I can make terrible jokes when facilitating. Because, really, that's all I've got.

Thanks to M, as ever, for the pic.


Anonymous said...


You my friend were brilliant. That you were able to connect our radically different books thematically is an accomplishment in itself! Thanks for being up on that stage with me, girl!


Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks, Jenn. (Girlwood! GIRLwood!)